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  • Hostname: yourdomain.tld or norbou.savana-hosting.cz
  • Webmail: IceWarp Webmail
  • Manage your database using phpMyAdmin
  • Database administration using MySQL Adminer
  • Webalizer stats: http://stats.norbou.savana-hosting.cz/yourdomain.tld

For a more detailed analysis of traffic I recommend Google Analytics or WP plugin Slimstats.
If you need to create email boxes or set up other services, contact me by email.

How to set up DNS records

@ IN and
* IN CNAME norbou.savana-hosting.cz.
POP3 IN CNAME pop3.savana.cz.
SMTP IN CNAME smtp.savana.cz.
IMAP IN CNAME imap.savana.cz.
mail IN CNAME pop3.savana.cz.
webmail IN CNAME icewarp.savana.cz.
webmail2 IN CNAME roundcube.savana.cz.
@ IN MX 10 mx1.savana.cz.
@ IN MX 20 mx2.savana.cz.
@ in “TXT v = spf1 mx IP4: IP4: IP4: IP4: IP4: IP4: IP4: IP4: Ip4: Ip4: IP4: /26-All ”


Choose IMAP4 for sync or POP3 mail download protocol. You must choose that the SMTP server requires authentication by name and password.

To receive emails using IMAP protocol:
Server: imap.savana.cz
Encrypted connection STARTTLS: Port 143, or SSL/TLS encrypted connection: Port 993

To receive emails using POP3 protocol:
Server: pop3.savana.cz
Encrypted connection STARTTLS: Port 110, or SSL/TLS encrypted connection: Port 995

Send mail connection (SMTP):
Server: smtp.savana.cz
Encrypted connection STARTTLS: port 25 or Port 587

Detailed procedure for setting up mail clients
General information about protocols and settings

Block attacks

If you do not successfully log on to your mailbox, the server may temporarily block the IP address of the attacker so that you cannot guess the password. If your network has been blocked, someone may have misconfigured a mail program that repeatedly generates bad logins. Check your settings and ask me to unblock your IP address. You can show your IP at mojeip.cz.

Archiving messages

If you are using or want to use IMAP to synchronize your e-mail, you should also be aware of archiving messages, because email mailboxes do not have unlimited capacity. This can be done by manually or automatically moving older messages to the local folders in the mail client (archiving). An informational e-mail is being delivered before the clipboard capacity is refilled. If you are only using webmail, you can use the Mailstore Home program for archiving.

Spam Security

The sending mail Server requires authentication. Please configure this in your e-mail client program.

By default, Antispam is active, which sorts junk mail into the Spam folder. If you’re downloading only your Inbox (POP3), you’ll learn about spam with the report. You can edit the settings in webmail on the “General” tab.

Protection against the misuse of your e-mail addresses to send you junk e-mail (SPF) has been introduced, but you can only send emails from your registered web host and mailserver. If you want to use a different SMTP server, I have to register its IP address in the DNS of your domain.

Mass mail distribution

  • Limit of 1 000 emails per day using SMTP server on one email box.
  • Limit of 5 000 emails per day using PHP script total.
  • The limits is valid 24 hours after the limit has been exceeded.
  • A maximum of 50 recipients can be entered in a single message.

Feature enhancement options

IceWarp groupware allows users, groups or entire organizations to work together, schedule events or corporate resources, and share information. Our goal in product development was to bring a comparable alternative to the market with a widespread but much more costly solution.

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