The technical administration of the WordPress content management system includes continuous updating of the content management system and its components, security methods and backups. 

Regular updates of the editorial system, security and backup

Updating the content management system involves installing updates to the Wordpres system, plugins, theme templates and translations of these components. During a professional update, the list of changes made is checked, version compatibility is checked, and after the update each relevant feature and bug log is tested. Before updating, a backup of the site state is performed and in case of complications it is possible to return to the original state.

Updates are released to fix bugs, provide security enhancements, or add new features. Thanks to system component updates, your website stays truly up-to-date and always uses current programming libraries, standards and scripting language methods, which are also continuously updated on the server.

The most common reasons for website infections are not updated plugins, template or WordPress core itself. According to Sucuri, more than half of the compromised websites have an un-updated kernel.

The service package includes four updates per year and the deployment of additional security measures.

Technology compatibility updgrades

Over time, it may happen that some WordPress extension components will no longer be updated and supported, as is possible with the implementation of external services, e.g. from Google. In this case, it is necessary to find a suitable replacement and then test and integrate the new solution.

In addition to the content management system itself, it may be necessary to update the server's runtime environment after an extended period of time.

Ensuring compliance with legal standards

Managing the website involves updating it according to updated legal standards. Which ones apply to your site depends on many circumstances. Key takeaways:

  • Data Privacy and Collection Requirements (GDPR, CCPA, etc)
  • Cookie Requirements (GDPR, ePrivacy, etc)
  • Data Security Requirements
  • Accessibility Requirements (ADA, WCAG, etc)
  • Ecommerce Security
  • Copyright and Plagiarism Requirements
  • Content Licensing and Attribution
  • Anti-Spam Laws
  • Disclaimers
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