I can also provide you printing services through my proven partners. For each order, I choose the most suitable technology in terms of quality, quantity, term and price. We carefully konzultuji all aspects of our selection with our customers. Thanks to the experience from prepress preparation, the data is prepared with respect to minimization of risks and the selected printing technology.

Press services and finishing

  • I provide complex services in the field of exhibitions, promotional items, advertising prints, large-screen printing, production of self-adhesive advertising carved and printed, advertising textiles, organization and arranging of corporate events.

Express and high-quality printing using digital offset technology

  • Unfolded flyers - product with single or double sided printing. Many variants of color, dimensions, types of paper and surface finishes.
  • Folded Leaflets
    Extends the properties of the basic flyer. In the exploded state, they form a single sheet. Subsequent folding creates a multi-page composite product.
  • Booklet Brochures - Saddle Stitch (V1) - Classic booklet with get back wire binding in the spine (two staples). The possibility of a page range from 8 to 76. The cheapest and most widely used kind of links-magazines, catalogues, etc.
  • PUR Paperback (V2) - more valuable multipage booklet book type. The inner sticked into the envelope with hotmelt PUR glue. Range from 48 to 240 pages. Catalogues, books, textbooks, etc.
  • Posters - Printed by offset technology to the dimension 100x70cm. Very advantageous introductory prices to the new product line. Printing on glossy and newly also on reflective papers. Express production option.
  • Wall Calendar - High quality one-sided printing on 13 sheets, sturdy cardboard back, ring binding, hook for hanging. With more pieces, the best price.
  • Table Calendar - High quality duplex printing of weekly table calendars, coil binding, full bottom stand. Print from one piece.
  • Business card, single or folded card. ECONOMY, PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE product lines differing in materials and methods of refinement.
  • Letter papers - Single and double sided full-colour printing on office offset paper in A4 size. High-quality letterhead at bargain prices.
  • Stand-alone sheets - sets of separate loose sheets stacked in a block without links, price lists, multi-page materials in folders, flyer sets, etc.
  • Cards - a product with both single and double-sided printing. Various colours, dimensions and stiffer materials for invitations, tickets, wedding announcements, etc.
  • Postcard - Classic product in popular dimensions. Print on the materials used for postcards and marketing products of postcard character with the possibility of lamination.

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