The Sensorium of the Twelve Senses aims to use games to introduce to people the senses, which are not commonly known to us, but which are essential to modern living. The interactive object of the Sensorium doesn't introduce only five of known human senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing), but in a playful way, it also develops our life meaning, sense of movement, balance, heat, or word, as well as the sense of the ideas of another person and for the true "Self" of another person. Through experiencing experiential elements for each of the senses, each visitor can feel the essence of deep inner fulfillment and internal meeting with different senses. A modern person can now develop their skills through a game.

By taking a tour through the Sensorium of the Twelve Senses, a person can experience, identify, and show what can be done to develop the senses; what can be developed in order to improve their activity. The Sensorium gives its visitors the possibility to think about the complexity of human beings. Through games, everyone can experience what is the background of the existence of our twelve senses. The aim is to provide incentives for self-development and for reflection on the experience of life.

The authors of the "Sensorium of the Twelve Senses" are Oldřich Hozman and Jiří Wald.

Part of the process was the printing of individual panels on a yellow coated cotton canvas, a folded leaflet and an A3 information board with an introduction text in multiple languages. Sensorium had its premiere at the Play! exhibition in Prague (2010). Since then changed many other places in the Czech Republic and visited Austria once.