"Magazine WL" was created as a school project in the Informatics Waldorfského Lyceum. We have made the installation of WordPress editorial system and basic setup, students have participated in translation of the plug-in components of the WordPress CMS, particularly the Simple Tags module and WP User Control module. For the web I chosed a template Hueman from Alxmedia and I made the setup and its translation into the Czech language. The magazine can be viewed very well on mobile devices with a smaller screen. Students will also add their contributions to the end of the school year 2013/14. The forming part of the intercourse cooperation with the Czech language, where they are focused on the journalistic style. The web magazine is then taken over by the student editors. In time, I hope, we can look forward to the printed copies of the magazin.

  • Hueman Template Translation
  • Translation of the Simple Tags plugin
  • Translation of the WP User Control plugin
The school web magazine can be found at www.wlyceum.cz/casopis/.