Production of Czech subtitles for educational projections in the Czech Republic, arranging of translation, cover of Czech version. Subtitles I like to release for distribution with film. Unfortunately, I was unable to contact its authors and the Czech distribution agreement was not possible.

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About movie

A documentary about the Solvik school in Järna, Sweden. One of the founders of this school is Pär Ahlbom. In simple examples he tells about life at his school and the resulting teacher training "intuitive pedagogy". A school where voluntariness is a basic prerequisite for learning, where games are not at odds with learning and the school is not an input factory.

Any child who is feeling humiliated or ignored loses a bit of confidence in adults thereby creating a distance. Some children adapt to this condition because they feel anxious or concerned. Then you can think they're just "good" kids and that's good. But this is the opposite of the autonomy we seek to support.